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Without any question, children are not at risk from this virus.

They don’t need protecting from it.

They are also poor at transmitting it. If they’re well, the chances of infecting others is zero.

Vaccinating then doesn’t reduce transmission anyway.

In the final analysis, there are safe & effective treatments anyway,

Do not let anyone near your children with these vaccines.

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At this point ANYONE forcing those dreadfully dangerous ineffectual COVID injections on a child should be subject to civil and criminal liability.

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In our family experience this bug seems less harmful than a cold. And less harmful than an armful of vaccine deriving from dead foetus. The fear is what needs treating and the BBC panic spreaders.

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Very well said. Poison your children now and regret it later. When your vaccine injured child is in and out of hospital for the rest of their lives, will you be able to look at yourself in the mirror?

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