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Alice all of what you say is real and you are not alone in wonderland. The injuries & deaths from vaccination will be flooding the system for years to come. The doctors in general will be as patronizing & dismissive as ever with exception of a few. The people must unite with these few and make their numbers heard in the courts. I keep reading the London MET have filed on behalf of some victims but have not verified this.

I remember November 2020 being on the phone as a Test & Trace clinician (RN on hospital ward same time) & the first three people that had reported being vaccinated to me (2/3) had reactions that necessitated the ambulance to take them to hospital. My mother in law asked me why I would want to start recording this information.

My own husband didn’t believe me until my father died 3 days post Moderna 6 months ago. All the ones comfortably sleeping will wake- keep presenting the facts as you have with the stats in tables.

All need to be aware of The Siren study published in The New England journal of medicine re Natural immunity post covid lasting more than a year in 90% and will most likely last 17yrs or more like it’s predecessor sars-cov-1. The world leaders lied to the population saying there was useless natural immunity ‘have a vaccine to make sure you are protected’ All research thus far has shown natural antibodies on their own have stopped reinfection rates. The vaccinated get reinfected more often and just as bad.

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Very well-written and so true. What it's really about is selfishness and a false sense of being scientifically superior because they watched "The News".

"I'm all right Jack, therefore all those other people, well, it's just tough luck, all vaccines have side effects sometimes."

I think the vastness of the figures simply eludes them in the face of all that blinding science. Perhaps they imagine all vaccines produce these figures.

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