Pedant's correction-in an otherwise splendid. article: how to effect change, not affect change.

Secondly, the latest hospital admission figures are here: manic panic:


Thirdly, Jacinda Ardern is promoting some cuddly thought control measures-all for our edification and safety:


Finally, one more widely used discount food shop here in my small town, is 'set to close at the end of this month. Entirely unexpected and a great loss for the workforce and hard pressed customers.

The last bank has closed its doors and the main street is full of empty run down properties with agents' for sale or to let notices outside.

So, the parasitical mind benders and catastrophists are reaping their rewards, as the fearful compliant populace dons masks -much in evidence here-food banks struggle with rising demand and falling donations and yet still the more affluent members of society assure us that Net Zero is a priority and Putin must be cancelled.

The MSM is certain that he sabotaged his own gas pipelines, while assuring us that renewables will save the day.

How do we stop this utter madness?

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