The normalising of strokes and cardiac issues, by the media and medical establishment, in the young and healthy is really worrying. Yes, strokes and cardiac issues do happen in all age groups but it’s never been the ‘norm’ in the young and healthy; like they want us to believe.

I fear the ‘vaccine’ injury issue will only be taken seriously when our children begin dying in large numbers. What a terrible indictment of our current society.

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Apr 2, 2022·edited Apr 2, 2022

One of the great turpitudes of all time is afoot. There is no benefit to children from these jabs. And they can still pass the virus just the same, so there is no protection of anyone else.

In any case, the covid variant now dominant is officially harmless. Gates himself has said it spreads immunity better than the jabs. And he means authentic immunity, of the T and B cell kind, not the jab kind that wanes away to nothing in 6 months.

Meanwhile, like the 'midazolam pathway’ care-home massacre in wave 1, and the spates of wave2 deaths that tracked the jab rollout, the injuries are being hushed up.

Can anyone suggest a motive for jabbing children except the obvious pecuniary one?

We are going to need a law compelling FOI disclosure of personal and corporate income during the pandemic.

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I watched our society getting sicker and sicker over the decades. Now the majority was ready for clandestine suicide/homicide but redefined it -like so many other words- to mean saving lives. The complete flip has happened. Life is death, happiness is misery, the young is sacrificed for the old, GPs are public health dummies, teachers are indoctrination workers. The rich got their staggering rewards again. With this, the aim of total chaos is completed. The whole world is a huge reeducation camp now and you are not allowed to leave it with a mind and soul intact.

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A young gas engineer recently told me that he can no longer climb stairs without becoming breathless; he is young ,fit, enjoys his work, happily settled with his girlfriend.

A friend of his, aged just 21, collapsed shortly after receiving ther vaccine; diagnosis- heart attack.

These accounts are anecdotal, but even so: here is a quote from my MP's recent reply to my latest challenge:

While those who campaign against Covid vaccination quote, that deaths have occurred

"after vaccination', little evidence has been produced to demonstrate that this was due to

the vaccines. This is particularly important when millions of frail and elderly people have

received their Covid vaccinations and may have succumbed at a later point to other

medical conditions.

As I'm sure you know, data on adverse reactions to the Covid vaccines is constantly being

gathered by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and if

there is any concern, their use is adjusted where necessary.

This happened with the withdrawal of the AstraZeneca vaccine for mass vaccination of

those under 40 years after the identification of a small number of vaccinated people

developing blood clots. The data suggested that the overall risk of deep venous clots in

vaccinated young people was the same as the risk from a long-haul flight but there was

concern regarding the identification of a number of people developing Cerebral Venous

Sinus Thrombosis (CVST) (serious brain clots) after vaccination with the AstraZenecaThis rare condition is known to occur naturally with a background rate estimated at 5 to

16 per million annually.

This compares with the overall incidence following the

AstraZeneca vaccine of approximately 14.9 per million after a first or unknown doses and

1.8 per million after a second dose (based on reports up to 11 August, 2021).

It must also be remembered that blood clotting is also a significant side effect of Covid

infection itself, with over 20% of hospitalised Covid patients having evidence of blood

clotting and us data showing almost treble the incidence of CVST (42.8 cases per milion)

among those infected with Covid-19.

While the ability of the Omicron variant to escape either vaccine-induced or natural

immunity means vaccines cannot fully prevent transmission, a booster dose reduces the

risk of infection by approximately 75% and, through priming the immune system, provides

much greater protection from serious illness and death. Indeed, currently, the vast majority

of patients requiring hospital Intensive Care are those who have not been vaccinated at all.

No mention is made of the need for fully informed consent, nor of the constant propaganda and coercion, nor of the indemnity provided to the vaccine manufacturers.

I've forwarded the entire letter to Sir Christopher Chope, MP, as he seems to be doing his best to make his parliamentary colleagues listen.

My local health authority is now inviting all children aged between 5 and 11 to have the vaccine-with their parents' consent, of course, and my MP is fully supportive.

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How can you say "keep calm, carry on" when we ALL have work to do to support this effort. OUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!!! Why is there no contact info on this site? Otherwise, you are useless!!!

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“Suddenly” is the new black.

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Good article. It's obvious what is happening. You do know there is no virus though, right?

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