Is the jabberwocky finally beaten? Scotgov is still enthusiastically promoting its campaign, despite a few warnings on 'rare side effects'.

Yesterday I spoke to a young mother who has a full time job as a delivery driver and 3 children, the youngest of whom is just four years of age.

Her dismal and distressing experience is emblematic of our times: she receives regular messages promoting the covid and flu vaccines for her children, and it has also been implied that failure to take up the offers would be construed as parental neglect, by the health police.

When she finally managed recently to secure a GP appointment for her four year old, who was distressed and dehydrated because of a throat infection- not covid- she was met by an aggressively reluctant medic, who insisted that she keep her distance, not touch anything and mask herself and her poor daughter.

She refused to don the masks, noting that the obstreperous GP was not wearing one.

What a sorry state of affairs, but still, we'll be shivering in the dark soon, while we wait for the next lockdown excues.

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Well said. Just to clarify about the ‘vaccine’ mandates in NZ - these remain in place for many healthcare professionals, as although the Covid policy is (soon to be) revoked, individual health entities are heavily encouraged to promote the jabs, so any new employment contracts include the jabs, and many nurses simply refuse to return to that toxic environment anyway. Our hospitals are utterly broken with admissions well above average and excess all-cause mortality continuing to climb.

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