Petter Brodin from imperial college should definitely be brought to court for vaccine disinformation. There is an army of these guys bought by corporations so who should go first? Round them all up in one trial ? The Hague (international tribunal in Holland) has been presented with a case against fauce (love how his name resembles German play by Goethe- how a man does a deal with the devil)… so fauce et al will be answering to the highest international court.

Shall we all focus our energy on that ? There are thousands of small damaging potatoes like Petter Brodin- but chasing them could be fruitless. only few of the most infamous of the SS were chased to places like Brazil & brought to justice.

Prayer for all the Johnnys & Juddahs out there but when they recover will need to form a kick boxing info army - make sure what happened to them never happens to others in the future.

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