Perfectly willing to murder your patients with the clotshot for a bonus, weren't you?

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'Sickies on demand' is a natural, planned, bi-product of the UK government psyop inflicted on the British working clases for the past two and a half years. It represents yet another not-so-subtle "nudge"towards the plughole of The Great Reset, after which we are told we will "own nothing, have no privacy", but are someehow expected to be happy.

This depressing process can only accelerate, as the proxy Ukraine war - the crucial second phase of The Great Reset - hastens the cynical controlled demoliton of the developed West's old economic, social and political order and softens up humanity for a Hegelian solution.

The first phase of this long-planned operation was, of course, the fading pseudo pandemic - welcomed by WEF head honcho Klaus Schwab as a “window of opportunity” to speed up the corporatocracy’s totalitarian takeover of the few remaining aspects of our lives not already under their control.

Nowhere is the prospect of mass digital neo-fuedalism under the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution looming more ominously than in the UK. With the succession of Charles III to the British throne, a Parliament already committed to The Great Reset and the complementary UN Agenda 21/ Agenda 30 programmes can now count on a pwerful new ally.

One can only assume many of those loyal subjects cheering on the accension had forgotten or overlooked where their new king’s loyalties actually lie. Odd, since it was only alittle over two years ago that the then Prince of Wales personally and proudly officially launched The Great Reset from his official website, while self-isolating at a 53,000-acre hideaway in Scotland.

In addition to his backing for an totalitarian New World Order run by a privileged elite of plutocrats and technocrats, Charles is also a strong advocate for depopulation, net zero carbon and other faux “green”globalist policies destined ultimately to bring his benighted kingdom to its knees.

God save us from this ungracious king!

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