The government is attempting to throw out Mr. Brian Peckford's case.

The reasoning is that because although our constitutional "Freedom of Mobility" rights were stripped by the Trudeau government on November 1st, 2021, those "rights" were reinstated on June 20, 2022, so Mr. Peckford's case is "moot".

Nice try eh?

For 8 months, unjabbed Canadians were banned from boarding planes, trains and ships (but why not BUSES??).

And it's also untrue that our rights were reinstated.

The "travel ban on the unjabbed" was "suspended". Some believe that's a loophole which can be closed again, at any time, for any reason.

I believe it's the "ArriveCan App" that's in the process of being "scrapped" within days.

The use of ArriveCan will then become voluntary, not obligatory, for entering Canada, jabbed or unjabbed.

In recent months, unjabbed Canadians re-entering Canada were obligated, by Health Canada, enforced by Immigration officers, to "test" twice during a 14 day mandatory quarantine period, upon re-entry.


Unjabbed visitors are still banned from entering Canada. (And the US too. The last "holdouts".)

Unless you're a migrant worker or Ukrainian refugee. Then come on in.

The former Premier of Newfoundland is the last surviving architect of the 1982 Constitutional document which, among other things, protects our Right of Mobility.

That's what Mr. Peckford's case is based upon. That right was VIOLATED. And the point isn't MOOT!

It's scheduled to be heard on October 1st.

Here's his latest blog, regarding what transpired in court the other day, and his thoughts on the matter.


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The article says that, though not in such detail. Thanks for the link to Peckford's blog.

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