One point: be anxious when they say ‘lessons to be learnt’.

Like they did for Foot and mouth when they culled all livestock in a three mile radio us on the basis of a positive PCR test without disease symptoms?

Yeah. Doing it again with Bird flu. Even wanting to know about garden birds. Oh but they have a gates of hell approved vaccine. So we’re saved. Mrna

Bridgen is a rare British hero. You’ve baked three truly Honorable MPs out of 650!

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Mar 13, 2023·edited Mar 13, 2023

Sasha Latypova is by no means the only commentator to have tumbled on the shocking truth about the US military’s lead role in the the double whammy global bioweapons roll-out of a lab-created "deadly" virus (Boris Johnson"s words before he got the heave-ho) and the immunity-sapping frankenjabs masquerading as vaccines.

The list of those who support her conclusions includes Dr David Martin, Katherine Watt, Karen Kingston, Prof Mike Yeadon, as well as children’s health crusader Robert Kennedy Jr (who with luck could end up following his famous uncle’s famous footsteps all the way to the Oval Office).

The UK clearly also desperately needs more "people's MPs" like Andrew Bridgen, prepared to risk their careers to pursue the truth, and fewer seat warmers happy to follow official orthodoxy.

Katherine Watt’s presentation to at a recent press conference exposed the extraordinary legal shenanigans which emabled the globalist-inspired militarisation of public health, initially in the US and subsequently across most of the world.


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Class action needed now.

Andrew Bridgen displays the moral courage and integrity so shamefully lacking in our leaders and commentariat.

Let us hope that he and Sir Christopher will encourage more of their colleagues to find some backbone.

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The excuse about lack of diagnosis and being seen by a consultant in heart disease doesn’t fly. There has been no increase in prescriptions for heart disease nor high BP prescriptions.

However, there have been more sudden heart attack victims in ages 21-50. As in an increase in older middle age diseases in younger working age populations.


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Amazing man..finally someone with courage and ethics.

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Still holding my breath, waiting for the first culprit to go to jail. Hope I don't die first.

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Disclaimer of Liability ™

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CEOs Murderna & Schizer.


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o Murderna (1minute video)


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o Covid-19 Quackcines Worldwide Democide - 1,291 Side Effects – Schizer Approval Document Reveals


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o “MmRNA Vaccine Approval” was a Farce. Deaths and Injuries are Real and Intentional


 Democide Actors: Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise


 Hidden in Plain Sight: Bombshell Document Dump on Pfizer Vaccine Data

By February of 2021, Pfizer had already received more than 1,200 reports of deaths allegedly caused by the vaccine and tens of thousands of reported adverse events, including 23 cases of spontaneous abortions out of 270 pregnancies and more than 2,000 reports of cardiac disorders.


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 Sudden Adult Death Syndrome


 UK’s Plandemic: “When Do We Deploy the New Variant?” – Hancock (Health Minister) asked.


Hancock (2019)


Omicron is Not Normal


 Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth


 Reviewing the DOD Contracts for Covid "Countermeasures" - 2020


 Ralph Baric – NIH : Mice & Bat Viruses


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 UK MP says Covid-19 is a Manufactured Bioweapon and Security Services knew about it in August 2019


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 British/Swiss citizen files lawsuit against Pfizer in America for profiteering from covid mandates



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I wonder if Lord Sumption would come out of retirement to take on any legal proceedings.

Secondly,Mark Steyn's forthcoming appeal should open up the Ofcom can of worms.

Finally,Ian Birrell has written an excellent piece for Unherd:


His pioneering Unherd article in 2021 introduced us to the lab leak ,subsequently suppressed with great vigour by our leaders and 'experts'.

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