I often mention to my friends in the pub that we'll miss cash when its gone, and yes, have used the phrase "we're building a digital prison for ourselves". I get completely blank looks as they pay for their round with ApplePay.

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Find yourself a hacker friend, like conspiracy friends, they’ll keep you alive in the coming future. Resist centralization at all costs.

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“ The Government isn't building your digital prison - you are”. I agree in part, but in reality since the government controls 99.9 % the mode options of our currency used in transactions, they are painting us into a corner unless you live off the grid and use precious metals or barter.

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Short-term pleasure. This will directly lead to mark of the beast as bible warns of.

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Ironic that Govn’ts claim that everything will be safer on centralised servers. Nearly all systems have back doors and many have weaknesses in the coding making them particularly at risk of hacking.

With everything Connected, identity thieves will have sufficient access to personal information to blag their way to taking all your assets. Or they could blackmail individuals with the Info on sites visited.

Recall cloudflare hack. Pegasus.

It’s a nightmare in every way.

I wrote to Gove when cabinet office requested opinions for Digital tracking. Suffered yet another ID theft shortly after. Upon complaining to mp about attacks over free speech on SM, had iOS attack.

To date I repeatedly have man in the middle attacks.

Digital is dystopian.

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I assume all banks have daily spend limits now anyway and they also have daily cash withdrawal limits, so that level of control is already there and at times very inconvenient. The limits are a godsend if you have been scammed or made a mistake.

As digital spending as a proportion of our total spending increases, the potential for control and abuse increases too. When our money was all cash ‘tokens’ there were other risks- physical theft, loss, damage, the cash you hold becoming obsolete (how many people have left over holiday money that is worthless? I have a range of former European currencies in my holiday box).

There are of course minority and vulnerable groups who are disadvantaged by digital money and some initiatives will spring up which will mitigate some of the issues.

The main issue is government overreach and given the lengths governments have gone to in recent years I think we have reason to be concerned.

The G20 have quietly signed up to digital vaccine passports. No dissent or normal scientific questioning is allowed of anything deemed a vaccine, even when they changed the definition of vaccine!

Are we taking the most fruitful approach by objecting to all these individual changes that give the authorities the potential for control?

I moot that a better approach is to address the real issue which is corruption in our institutions and the super rich buying themselves positions in the supranational organisations where they push their own, often flawed, agendas.

How do we minimise corruption in the new digital age? That is the real issue we face. Most people are blissfully unaware because of the censorship. Would awareness help? IDK but we do have a big problem on our hands!

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