'The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among the complacent' said Sage at the outset of the pandemic.

Those pushing these jabs, while hiding the harms data, should ponder that advice. If children get harmed and killed - when they are at no risk from covid, when we know that children don't spread the virus, and we know these dud jabs don 't stop infection or spread anyway, and with no preliminary check for natural immunity - the perpetrators will need to go to earth for their own safety for a long time.

Most children have had covid, usually without knowing it. We know that their resulting natural immunity is not augmented by the jabs. The latest trove of Pfizer documents released under court order in the US shows that Pfizer knew this when the jabs were first released.

There is no reason to jab children. It is pure wickedness to do so. Complacent perpetrators should be alert to the personal threat of being torn limb from limb.

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Thank you for highlighting the issue of vaccine harm. My son died in January 2021 from the AZ vaccine. He was only 32 and fit and healthy and has left a wife and 2 small children. Sir Christopher Chope is the only MP who is trying to help vaccine harmed and bereaved families.

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Thank you for highlighting this issue. My husband died from the vaccine on March 23rd 2021. Confirmed by the coroner. No one seems to want to discuss or help those affected

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Here is a quote from my MP's last reply to my latest challenge: "

As Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Vaccinations for All, I have an overview

of many vaccination programmes across the globe and while side effects or adverse

reactions can be associated with any medication, they are generally rare with the common vaccines and that is also the case with the covid vaccines."

"While the ability of the Omicron variant to escape either vaccine-induced or natural

immunity means vaccines cannot fully prevent transmission, a booster dose reduces the

risk of infection by approximately 75% and, through priming the immune system, provides

much greater protection from serious illness and death. Indeed, currently, the vast majority

of patients requiring hospital Intensive Care are those who have not been vaccinated at


I will, therefore, continue to promote the uptake of Covid vaccination and, as a doctor and

Chair of the All-Party Group, I will continue to support wider provision of Covid vaccines,

particularly in low-income countries who have not been given equitable access due to the hoarding by wealthy countries.

While it is clear that we are not going to agree on this topic......"

This is what we're up against; my MP is a senior doctor, but adamant that the pros outweigh the cons.

She is now encouraging vaccination for 5-11 year olds.

I've forwarded her letter to Sir Christopher Chope.

BTW, she is also fully in favour of mask mandates.

This entrenched attitude makes me despair; there is no attempt to even discuss informed consent-lack of, justification for rejection of the jab, objections and concerns of fellow clinicians, scientists and parents.

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We all need to keep writing parliament supporting Sir Chope- the more numbers the more they will realise we won’t let this go

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The lesson here is that we cannot trust our leaders to provide accurate and reliable information. It will always be tainted by political motives. We need to keep this in mind when reading newspapers an listening to media reports. They are all tainted.

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Japanese TV has recently shown segments regarding vaccine injuries that would never be shown on the BBC. The gov refuses to recognise the link of course.


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