Dr Sam, I echo & second your call to arms.

Trying to do the right thing is always the more sustainable course of action in the long run.

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Dr Sam White is the kind of doctor we should all be so lucky to have. I admire his efforts to shine a light on corruption for all to see, and his bravery for taking on the corrupt systems that tried to shut him up by threatening his licence and right to free speech. He is still banned on Twitter for raising awareness of vaccine harms! He has given people the information required for fully informed consent. My doctor told me I might have a sore arm after injection!

If we all stand up together to overcome this authoritarianism and globalism, I truly believe Dr Sam White will be acknowledged as one of Britain's greatest modern heroes.

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That simple point, that the ability to roll out the jabs under EUA relied totally on the claim there wasn't an alternative treatment available, such as Ivermectin, is incredibly important but so much has happened since then I think it's sometimes forgotten. Without the rejection of treatments, which would have saved countless lives, the whole 'vaccine' edifice collapses and they'd have had to fully test them over years and of course discovered just how dangerous they are as well as not making billions in profits. Thanks for all you hard work

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Not the case in the UK. The injections have been given ‘temporary’ authorisation under section 174 of the Human Medicines Regulations 2012. The bar is set very low. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2012/1916/regulation/174/made

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Apr 23, 2022·edited Apr 23, 2022

Well spotted thanks. I was thinking of the FDA in America. No doubt the EU operate more along the UK 'method', as you said, here the bar is set very low. Although if the vaccine roll out had stalled in the US (because of Ivermectin etc being authorised for treatment) probably it would have crumbled generally, especially considering 2 of the major players, Pfizer & Moderna, have gone on to flood the world with their products

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We all need Doctors that fight for the truth and not become drones .

Sam White is an absolute gentleman and is doing what many of us either cannot do or are scared to .

We should help him in every way possible in this fight for all of our sakes

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Dear Dr Sam, a BIG Thank You for all you have done in standing up for all of us. You have been very Brave. You are an inspiration. The Censorship & Suppression of Early Treatment, combination therapy with Zinc, IVM/HCQ, Doxy/Azithro, D3, Quercity etc., is MURDER, and a Crime Against Humanity, especially when per Dr Peter McCullough, ABSOLUTE EFFICACY is 80-99.99% (of taken with 72 hours), as As for the C19 ‘injections’, ABSOLUTE EFFICACY per The Lancet is circa 0.8-1.28%, and we know from Insurance CO’s and others, that Deaths & Adverse Effects are 20x to 100x + Greater, in certain areas. Whatever happened to The “Precautionary Principle” of “Safety First”, AND, why are the first 15 days post any Vax not included? This leads to “Survivor Bias” We need more Dr’s like you in the U.K. and Globally, to have the moral compass, spine and balls, to strange up and Tell The Truth - “Evil Flourishes, when Good Men Stay Silent”! Thank you again and keep up all the great work. Stay strong. See you with Mark S and team at #together Together Declaration in London. Stay Strong!! Best, Sean

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As Dr Peter McCullough said in one of his interviews, in times past if a newly-launched medical treatment had resulted in 50 deaths, it would have been pulled immediately. So would someone like to explain why the powers are now pushing 4th and 5th shots of these mRNA jabs with the death count now into 5 figures?

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I’m with you all the way! I’m in my last year at dental school and I’ll stand strong with you all. Keep hammering!

For my disbelieving colleagues in the medical field, I have been sharing this::


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Did you read this link? Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation..🤯This is so lightweight it is unbelievable. Do you think a CONFLICT OF INTEREST 🤔might be why the true data is hidden and glossed over.,? Investment in Vaccines his most profitable x 20 ….profit.

Please look at some other Substack authors,😊 Jessica Rose,Arkmedics,Alexander,Steve Kirsch. and many more, If you genuinely want to educate your friends.

I don’t mean to be shouty, sorry 🤗 but I am in the early red pilled stage where I am still upset about all the lies from the UK Gov, Pharma,Supposed CO2 threat and much more….I wish you every success with your Dental Profession,at least you are questioning the narrative and have many years ahead of you to convey some truths. 👏🏻

I am an old lady but will be fighting this Global Corporate take over to my last breath.😊

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Watch Steve bannons warroom on Rumble

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As part of the WORLD campaign for Independence Day (Monday 4th July) there will be protests and convoys everywhere for those who seek freedom from tyranny. To help the red-pilling, on that ONE day, we want to SWAMP the social media pages of the tyrants with our song of freedom https://rumble.com/vygf97-where-we-go-one-we-go-all.html. All you have to do is go to the pages below and add the song link as a COMMENT to the first three posts on that page. Wait until JULY 4TH for the maximum impact.

Anthony Albanese (AUS)



Justin Trudeau (Canada)



Michael Higgins (Ireland)



Jacinda Ardern (NZ)



Boris Johnson (UK)



Joe Biden (US)



If you are not in one of these countries, please consider finding the relevant links and sharing them with your compatriots.



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It's not only doctors who need to speak out, all of us, everyone of us, need to make a decision to inform others. We have to listen, we have to arouse curiosity of studies or personal experiences where we have first hand info of adverse events or deaths from covid jabbed.

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