We've been contacting them for months- silence !

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Interesting to see the perfidious replies if you get any. Maybe it should be followed with an foi request to see how much they were paid to be servile, obsequious spittle-lickin lackies of the last incompetent government. Normally the Grauniad would come up with some competent research but during the Great Plague they were one of the worst offenders with their demoralising front page score card. Made me cancel a many yeared subscription to this once fine paper.

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I imagine they’d have to give money back to corporate interests if they did report it.

Perhaps it’s time for organised protests outside media outlets instead of parliaments?

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Excellent, well done

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Amazing article. We need such a brave journalist in South Africa.

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The MSM does not exist to inform. It exists to control what the hordes think.

It takes its marching orders from the Ministry of Truth.

Keep in mind the hordes don't want the truth - they cannot handle it.

They want Hollywood narratives.

If you give them the truth they get angry - they fall into panic and despair.

Consider WMD -- if they would have said 'we need the oil out of Iraq and Saddam is causing us problems - if we don't blow them to bits it will reduce your standard of living' ... obviously that would not fly - so they invent WMD and blow them to bits and seize the oil fields.

Consider 911 --- they could not overthrow countries without a good reason -- well hell those terrorists blew up our buildings! We need to go get em! Now that is what the hordes want to hear 'USA USA USA!!!'

I could go on and on and on ...

Oh btw - here's the truth re covid - you will not like it - you will get angry ... notice how CovIDIOTS get angry when you show them vax injury data? You wanna know how they feel - read this


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I did exactly that for 18 years also sent to governments around the world regarding the 9/11 narrative. Sadly, no response, every week for 18 years. Nothing. Like my lesson in life, if you don't answer back, there is no argument.

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MSM must be shamed into covering Mark Sharman’s documentary, or Dr Malhotra’s peer reviewed paper. QR coded leaflets everywhere in the UK would be the way to start. Force the message without the MSM. They'll eventually cover it.

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