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It shouldn’t be about going after politicians for “not implementing restrictions rigorously enough”. It should be about going after them because they staged a globally-coordinated “plandemic” of democide at the behest of their psychopathic globalist overlords, see https://metatron.substack.com/p/reiner-fuellmichs-grand-jury-court.

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While I certainly agree that mainstream press is controlled to a very significant degree, and that many people/forces/organisations will spin the avoidable covid/care home deaths to mean that restrictions should have been sooner and harder and longer-lasting, etc., I'm uncertain of the logic in dismissing as counter-productive 'calls for justice' and pursuing political accountability for corruption and malfeasance, greed, idiocy, tyranny, etc. Are you suggesting that the works of Prof Richard Werner, Michael Mansfield QC/KC (peoplescovidinquiry.com and actionagainst5G.org), TogetherDeclaration.org, Prof Tim Noakes, Anna Brees, Ivor Cummins, Nick Hudson, Roger Hodkinson, Maajid Nawaz, Tess Lawrie, Steve Kirsch, to name a few examples, are misguided and counter-productive?

And anyway, I'm not convinced that anyone can predict the future :)

Thanks anyway. All debate is helpful IMHO.

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I'm grateful for the Telegraph's publishing of the Hancock messages and it does add weight to my belief that Hapless Hancick will be hung out to dry while the likes of Whitty Vallance etc emerge unscathed with their gongs and share options.

On this occasion for once I don't entirely agree with the assumption made in this article- a first ,since I greatly admire News Uncut.

The sacrifice of children and the self employed and abandonment of routine public health policies were the most troubling consequences of this fraudulent farce for me: dentistry,oncology ,GP appointments,health visiting ,diabetic clinics,to name a few, all suspended with predictably damaging consequences

It is worth noting that Sturgeon the chief lockdown zealot,jumped ship just before the Telegraph revealed the first tranche of Hancock's Whatsapp history.

The restrictions here were fanatical, irrational and enforced for longer than in England and we had to endure Sturgeon's Chief Mammy routine ,ramped up sniping at anything English and Devi Sridhar's zero covid fantasies.

HMG no doubt will encourage public amnesia and apathy while we are prepared for the next Big Thing,but I'm not convinced that the latest revelations will provide ammunition for more lockdowns.

However since management , nudging and propaganda seem to have replaced trust and effective governance,how can we trust any of our leaders?

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The most alarming thing about this is that Hancock thought it safe to share these communications with a journalist, reminds me of Boris's drinks parties during lockdowns, journalists were aware of that and said nothing for nearly a year.

Journalists AND politicians are in the same bed, the public are their toys.

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So far the Whatsapp scoop appears to be a limited hangout. I hope I'm wrong about that.

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Can't read anything written by someone who actually thinks Osama Bin Laden took down the twin towers.

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