Thank you for reporting what’s happening. If this seems an odd remark, ask yourselves where is that traditional duty being discharged?

Nowhere except on alternative media, all of which have diminutive share of audience.

Substack, I salute. No question it’s presence is a force for good.

But I expect a survey of the general population would reveal that an astonishingly tiny percentage have even heard of Substack.

As said, great that it exists & I know I will find quality writing here. The average quality is really impressive.

The one caution is not to confuse a well written article on Substack with reaching a large audience. They’re small readerships, some are so small that you could reach more people by wearing a sandwich board in your local town high street for a few hours.

I’m still a fan.

I appreciated being told the truth. It’s clear there are a few MPs, so far all Conservatives, who (1) understand that the c19 “vaccines” do not have a safe & effective profile & (2) are willing to stand up & be counted.

I’d like the record to show that I personally told dozens of Tory MPs in late summer 2020 that, if they voted to review the Coronavirus Act (2020) the globalists would never give us the country back.

I’m wiling to brief ANY parliamentarian who’s interested, off or on the record.

Dr Mike Yeadon

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Oct 27, 2022·edited Oct 27, 2022

I don't know which is worse......As a woman suffering with a vaccine injury, it was so so depressing to hear Mr Coburn's remarks. I have rolled up my sleeve twice like a good citizen (never again) but am still to be labelled an anti vaxer. It is offensive and watching his responses reminded me of arguing with a toddler.

Secondly there are two of us injured in our street alone and still our MP for Hammersmith & Fulham does not attend. Mike is there anyway you can brief my MP. I would not write his name here but your clue is above. Somebody tried to tell him about the WEF and I believe he told them could not be true because the BBC had debunked it. Is it wilful blindness? He is a nice man but I honestly feel now this thing comes from the top and their hands are tied. However with the level of injury/death coming towards us now I feel that is not good enough and history will not judge these people well. I would love to have the courage to remind him of that but I just can't seem to bring myself to talk to him. Not because I have not got the courage but more the fact that I must insulate myself when people simply dismiss you. After 2 years of being in the medical system I just can't face it.

Finally I worked in the media for 22 years and I find the silence almost deafening. Very sadly I now do come to the conclusion that this is a de-population effort and ALL media, Government, judiciary have been bought/duped by the agencies who have been captured by PHARMA and the Globalists and a certain Microsoft person who has de population in mind under the guise of philanthropy. This man must be stopped.

Finally I want to thank Mark Sharman, whose brilliant film inspired me with his courage of doing the right thing when no one else was and also below Mike Yeadon, who I follow after this happened to me. If either of these people want to get in touch I have some ideas.

Matt Guba I think is the man to talk to about this if anyone knows him.


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Mr Coburn seems to have an incredible amount of faith in these jabs.

I wonder if an audit would show us why.

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It was a demonstration of unbridgeable chasm

Such unproductive pre-written debate

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