Institutions and the people in them that we could trust in the past have now all become corrupt. We can no longer have faith in them and we must find ways to deal with life on our own. No one is coming to save us, least of all Republicans in congress.

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See this link for the Great Faucifier's creatively selective statements,along with those of woke fraudster Bankman-Fried.

A scientist has written a blistering account of the Wuhan lab leak ,so eagerly suppressed and repudiated by the MSM, the WHO and various vested interests:


The wheels have fallen off the covid juggernaut, yet still the purveyors stubbornly persist in enforcing the ridiculous vaccine and mask mandates.

Sustained protests in China have forced the government to lift restrictions in some areas, while in Iran, the dreaded morality police have been disbanded, following nationwide unrest.

So,we see the courage and determination of protesters in repressive states like China and Iran, while here in the democratic west, court rulings are defied and mendacious politicians play fast and loose with the facts as they cling on to their ill gotten gains.

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