from the WEF article = "If the idea of a chip in your body makes you cringe, consider all the pharmaceuticals you take without question. "

I think this is a perfectly reflective statement on how much they've overplayed their hand within both of these agendas (pandemic control response & infusion of technology). A far greater number question the pharmaceutical normalization now than before all the covid shenanigans. Why would they try to connect those dots publicly? I believe it speaks to how out of step they are with the vast majority of the public.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the WEF's agenda will be gleefully taken up by an extremely small minority, and the fallout from the inevitable glitches and failures of technology will be difficult not to laugh at.

There is one thing they might be somewhat successful at, however, at that is depopulation efforts. Stay vigilant.

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He factually didnt shut anything down though. He had no power to do so. He suggested it and cowardly politicians enacted policy to coerce people to shut down.

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I am concerned that we stick at blaming the WEF, when a lot of this stuff comes from the Chinese Communist Party. Last year Xi Xingping was given a fulsome tribute by Schwab who had invited him to open Davos (!). That’s when I started to think the WEF might be properly dangerous ... it could well be acting as a front for the CCP as well as propagating its own independent dystopian ideas.

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