I have just listened to the Tucker Carlson podcast with Dr Robert Malone. Two things resonated with me. The first was at a global level this is not about culture wars but about power and money. This all about the interplay between WEF, the Trusted News Initiative, the UN Agenda 2030 and national governments. We are waking up to their machinations he said. The second things was that there is a realignment of politics from left versus right to collectivism versus individual freedom. It is the centre right (conservatism) that is orientated to individual freedom. Wow! I now understand why my previous socially democratic political alignment not longer works for me. I live in Scotland and to see the SNP government move so readily into authoritarianism makes me sad. Where can I go politcally Mmmmm

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Well written article Laura & you spot on too Ann. Travelling RN & midwife since 1989 I started shouting divide & conquer from the start. Every political party & whatever definitions we relied on…even friends - turned on their heads. Where can we go from here?

It took 2yrs for a medical person (dr Steve James on sky questioned by javid) & more recent a confident black woman on Sunday’s feb 4th ‘question time‘ to bring up in principle -why they object a vaccine …aside from freedom of choice …was they knew they had antibodies.

The word that the press has been avoiding and quick to shoot down with ‘you don’t make any long lasting ones or as good as vaccine ones’ - the constant lies re antibodies & T/B cell immunity infuriating. If we push the government to publish The Siren study the lid would be off this can of worms.

Interestingly social media cut the antibody comments from the woman sharing her views at question time & the trolls set on her with ‘I know my body & prepared to weather the disease’. The trolls said she was a flake that thought she knew more than doctors. Repeating the misinformation you don’t transmit once vaccinated but corner & eradicate the virus. Doing your part!

No matter how the problem presented now the original propaganda lie still rolling with the trolling. But I Believe the antibody discussion- hard scientific fact leaves no room for trolls.

Basic EU travel laws in place early pandemic should be enough to show people that the scientific community believes natural antibodies last minimum 6 months. That is how long you can travel freely post infection.

16months later I along with thousands medical personnel in Siren Study still have antibodies. They shut the study down to not measure anymore and shut the participants up.

We all must make the general public aware medical personnel have checked their antibodies since 1950s to work & protect public- this is not a new! We had the ability to detect diphtheria antibodies in 1890! The London March Jan 22nd flocks of people came to my antibody sign saying they were part of the Gosh or siren study (but though the study heads knew they all had immunity from Exposure they were ordered to go back to their trusts and do what they were told - vaccinate). See the hospital team with psychologist to discuss hesitancy! Aghhh how flipping patronizing! I’ve checked my antibodies since 1986 & in Oxford at The JR low for Hep B antibodies so held out my arm to protect the public AND we get treated this way.

Of course it made us all more suspicious. Now we all must win these nutters with the antibody discussion. This is the science we used for 70yrs of medical recruitment & should not stop now. Even if a medical person or general public person was not positive for antibodies (they can have T/B cell immunity) they still deserve choice. Particularly because vaccination in this case does not stop transmission.

Let’s get the government Siren study published. For the 37billion spent on nightengale hospitals they didn’t open - could have went on antibody testing.

The division would be better handled. Your mate says I’m sticking my arm out for my booster- you ask ‘did you make sufficient antibodies after vaccine one or two ?’- They look at you stunned. We must get the public questioning this way then make sure ‘immunity & natural antibodies’ taught in every school by age 12 where they pushing HPV vaccines as well as these.

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