It not just bad journalism. It’s obvious that the corrupt MSM is being paid to spout lies and smears to support their globalist paymasters. It’s sad that so many people have still not joined the dots: https://metatron.substack.com/p/why-do-so-few-of-the-general-public?utm_source=profile&utm_medium=reader2.

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Scandalous? Journalism? Grooming? Commentators worth any salt need to level up the language and quit trying to keep us herded within the old Overton paradigm. We see you, it’s very obvious. Iatrogenesis, democide, crimes against humanity. Gaslighting, propagandising, totalitarian media manipulation. Criminal neglect, malfeasance in public office, corporate manslaughter. Corruption, institutional capture, organised criminal enterprise. Psychopathology, sociopathology, power corrupts absolutely. Uprising, awakening, parallel systems. Accountability, justice, Nuremberg, gallows... You get the gist.

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The more name calling they do & the more they cancel people, the more frightened they are getting! I would say we are almost there. There are alot of Reports coming out from around the World now & also lies being uncovered.

I am looking forward to see how they are going to cover their backs once unrefutable data is published? And it will be.

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Broken Britain writ large by our thoroughly ill informed, biased, shouty MSM.

Perhaps theses luminaries of the 4th estate would like to consider the following analysis by a retired professor of evolutionary biology before they send another well informed dissident to the online version of the gulag:


There can be no doubt about the validity of the various challenges to the establishment omerta,nor to the fact that these injuries and fatalities are affecting the younger, productive members of society disproportionately.

Since this ugly farce first appeared, I've been making this plea: what kind of society sacrifices the young-including children-the self employed and the poor, to protect the very old, frail and sick?

Surely as the expert authors of the GBD advised, suitable measures could have been employed to treat the elderly and chronically sick without trashing the economy, throwing the young under the bus and eviscerating what used to pass for a reasonably stable democracy?

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Thank you Mark, your honest analysis is helpful, because I can reference it when friends don’t believe my statement the MSM are censoring the truth and lying to us.

The treatment of Andrew in Parliament is the biggest obvious red flag to date that our Gov is controlled by WEF acolytes. As I understand it the "supposed" anti semitic remark actually came from a top JEWISH Cardiologist and only repeated, with attribution, by Andrew, making the charge even more blatantly false ! It must be hard for you to see a once respected profession stoop so low.

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Excellent article, however.

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