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I’m another of those pointing out that vaccine passports (VaxPass) have an obvious purpose: to require us to comply with the tyrannical control sought by governments worldwide.

In several European countries, a valid VaxPass is required to do anything at all beyond purchase of essential food & medicines (France I believe).

Beyond those, you’re simply not permitted to enter anything.

In some other countries, you’re fined money because you’re not vaccinated (Greece).

Over time, the definition of fully vaccinated is raised from two injections to three, and no doubt to four if not swept away.

Imagine this system was in operation where you live?

Imagine further there was a catastrophic market failure & a second global financial crisis?

This time they’d throw their hands into the air, say sadly the currency cannot be rescued, so low has international confidence in it fallen that regrettably it’s got to go,

It’ll be replaced by central bank digital currencies at some sliding scale conversion rate. No cash, of course.

Now you’ll be required to present your valid VaxPass for every transaction, online & offline, as well as every time you cross a regulated threshold (eventually every time your leave your dwelling.

Whenever government decides, you will attend for booster vaccination. If you do not, your VaxPass becomes invalid & you can neither move around nor purchase (or sell) anything.

Remember, no cash. If government wanted to hurt you, they can. If they decide to reduce the population, there’s nothing you could do about it.

You & I don’t need a new, globally uniform digital ID. Evidence for that statement is your entire history to date. No, it’s government who wants to impose it on you, on behalf of their sponsors, the WEF.

So if by doing nothing, you passively allow the installation of this control system, please do be aware it cannot be uninstalled by us.

If they pull back now from tyrannical VaxPass, please be aware that the system is all but complete & can be turned back on again with immediate effect.

Such a database must be destroyed & put beyond use. A senior minister must say so on the record in parliament, that it will never be reconstituted or used for individual identification or control. It’s not great protection but it’s the best we’re going to get.

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I am calling attention to the same thing regarding The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Try to buy tickets on their website — You can't even *buy tickets* unless you agree to their mask & proof of vaccination policy. I'm disappointed to see that next April, Alice Cooper, who has always been famous for breaking all the rules, will be playing at the Greek Theatre. The same thing with McCabe's Guitars in Santa Monica. That store is also famous for holding small concerts with big name performers. But again, you have to wear a mask even just to go in and buy guitar strings and, to attend shows, show proof of vaccination. And again, disappointingly, Janis Ian, who was famous for bucking the establishment ("Society's Child"), will be playing at McCabe's in March.

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Interesting article & graph. Amongst other factors might the graph also be showing a correlation between Covid deaths and the level of fear generated in a particular country? Unfortunately the injections do not innoculate against fear.

A concerning development is the view being voiced by some that children under 5 should receive 3 Covid injections. Given that the existing programme for adults has not delivered what injection recipients anticipated it would seem totally wrong to continue the same questionable strategy for little children. Added to which the under 5s have many more important things in their lives than being swept along with the Covid current.

Thank you for listing London venues which discriminate against healthy people who have chosen not to buy in to the Covid saga.

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Yep, agree.

And here's a good example of the regulator following the money, from your Telegram channel...

"So, 3 of 3 former heads of FDA & MHRA joined Pfizer’s board, the venture financier behind Moderna & the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Nothing to see here, folks.

Seriously, if these moves are legal, then the regulations intending to prevent corruption are hopelessly ineffective.


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Why would anyone want to go to these places where the super spreaders congregate?

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