This is not directly related, but the fact that it has bern written -albeit anonymously-by a BBC journalist gives cause for hope.

The author is scathing about the Beeb's biased pro-narrative reporting and mentions MP Bridgen and Dr Malhotra.

Surely as the evidence snowballs, we are entitled to expect a change in HMG's messaging and an acknowledgement that questions and informed challenges must receive the respect they deserve.

I am sick of lies, of posturing, of the ridiculous denunciations of Andrew Bridgen's statements, of the awards dished out to the lockdown purveyors and the censorship and silliness which masquerade as expertise.

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VAERS reports evidenced widespread blood clotting, among many other harms, shortly after COVID injections were first distributed. There really is no mystery to be solved here, at least not for those who pay attention, employ a little reasoning capacity and don't stick their heads in the sand. Also helps to understand corporate media is now little more than politicized trash.

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