Every time the WHO is mentioned it must be stated that it is funded by Gates, who is a major vaccine investor. The WHO, which is a private organisation, is therefore not disinterested vis a vis pandemic and vaccine affairs. When recommending lockdowns, and pushing mass vaccination as the only way out of lockdowns, it is pushing for business for its patron.

Say it every time.

(Practise it now.)

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Penny’s response of Ebola and other diseases is blatantly wrong. Ebola has been limited to a tent or two in Africa, and “other diseases” ??? Name one. She can’t, there are none.

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Andrew Bridgen deserves a commendation and an overdue acknowledgement for his courage in challenging the official omerta.

However the dam is breaking as some in the MSM finally find some backbone and now consider lab leaks,the utter uselessness of masks-(except the Graun,which is a last resort for the gag adherents)- and Hapless Hancock's role in the policies which trashed our economies,divided societies,abandoned well established civic and public health codes of practice and ushered in the corrupt,tyrannical New Normal.

The Telegraph is publishing details of Hancock's whattsap messages,handed over by Isabel Oakshott:


I have suspected for some time now that Hancock will be hung out to dry,being HMG's fall guy..An ideal patsy for the power brokers who inflicted this disaster upon us

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Toby Young believes that the Telegraph's revelations confirm that there was no plandemic; I disagree, as too much of what has befallen us over the past three years shows a world being steered towards an unhappy unstable future, presided over by an entitled elite which seems to have abandoned itself to magical, but for them, very profitable thinking.

WHO is eagerly planning for the next big one, Net Zero fantasies are immiserating thousands, destroying industries in the west and threatening stability, while the vicarious Ukraine - related warmongering risks a deadly escalation .

A senile POTUS presides over a dysfunctional dishonest administration while the Chinese refuse to accept any involvement in a possible lab leak.

I don't trust any of our leaders now, but rely on the likes of Andrew Bridgen, Sir Christopher Chope, Governor Ron de Santis and the authors of the GBD.

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Here is yet more evidence which vindicates much of what we,the derided and troublesome 'antivaxxers' have been warning about for so many months.

Spike protein replication in human cells facilitated by plasmids used as vectors in the vaccines.

So ,time for HMG to devote more resources to the plight of the many existing vaccine victims ,along with acknowledging a need for improved surveillance and collation of adverse side effects.

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