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Mark Steyn is going to appeal.Bring it on!

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But are they a good thing? At best they're a distraction away from the evil that has been and is being perpetrated in the name of Convid, at worst it will be ammunition for globalists to push for a catastrophic transfer of power to the WHO with their International Health Regulations and Pandemic Treaty. Look how incompetent our government has been, we need the WHO to take control will be the cries.

James Roguski is crying out on this subject to raise awareness...



Would be great to see News Uncut amplifying this message!

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Collective amnesia and an outbreak of confected halo polishing and conspicuous compassion by the usual self absorbed suspects: who'd have guessed?

Meanwhile Ofcom has reprimanded GB News for the content of Mark Steyn's April programme on the jabberwocky; Steyn has been one of the very few,along with Neil Oliver, MPs Andrew Bridgen and Sir Christopher Chope, to expose the suffering of the vaccine victims .

Apparently, he did not present a sufficiently neutral analysis of the official statistics.

Absolutely no likelihood of the BBC, C4, Sky being penalised by Ofcom.

What caused the sudden change of minds by the cheerleaders for stricter lockdowns, the quarantining of 'selfish antivaxxers' and extended masking?

I wonder...

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I pretty much got it right from day zero, though the facts were still very unclear:

"Robert Malcolm Kay (on Facebook)

15 March 2020


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It's interesting to compare UK and US #coronavirus policies. Boris comes over as a bit of a prat, and his mention of 'herd immunity' is ghastly and insensitive (even though it is a common term in public health parlance, I wouldn't have dreamed of using it in public) but the restrained and considered UK strategy of public information, local treatment, containment and prevention is probably fairly sound.

I'd guess we will have between 1,000 to 5,000 extra deaths in the next month, mainly of very old, overweight men, which is significantly less than the annual UK deaths caused by really nasty Tory policies on benefits, poverty and drugs and inflicted on the young and middle aged.

Trump is throwing $50B taxpayers dollars at a $5B problem, mainly because he himself is fat, has high blood pressure, and is an elderly male. If this was a problem affecting only young african americans he would dismiss it as Fake News.

Its racism and agism and sexism, entrenched in US policy. "

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