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It now seems that dumb and dumber has taken over; each mad claim adding to the denial mountain.

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Yes, many of us find that is a stumbling block regarding Trump. Some of his supporters are saying he received advance intelligence that the owners of the pharma companies (aka the Rothschilds and Rockefellers via Vanguard, Blackrock and State Street) had a bio-weapon in mind, and that Trump got the military to switch the vials for harmless ones. I believe there was military supervision over the distribution too, at least that is what is being said. Only about 5 percent of the vials escaped and ended up causing serious illness, so perhaps Trump does believe he saved tens of millions of lives.

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DeSantis for POTUS; our best hope for an escape from this morass of lies, double speak, ad hominem attacks on dissidents and craven MSM compliance.

However, we need action on this side of the pond now: the evidence continues to mount of the collateral damage inflicted by our weasely experts:





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