You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. – Abraham Lincoln

Will we ever witness a return to decent standards in public life? Will our rulers and managers ever accept that honesty ,integrity and acceptance of responsibility make for good governance?Do they ever concern themselves with the small matter of public trust?

Supression breeds suspicion.

The wheels have come off the covid juggernaut and now we are treated to cautious policy tweaks, but no overall admission that mistakes were made.

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I have read so many write-ups on the “slow withdrawal”, “managed retreat” and “great reveal” around why so many of the MSM and MSM-adjacent are appearing to report on the jabocide, or why erstwhile jabophiles are doing very public but stage managed 180s, or why the jabs are being removed or their removal being demanded, and so on. Amid all of this are 3 observations that to the emergent awakened could be puzzling verging on paranoid:

1. Official phase 3 clinical trials are ending now, which we have known since the start. Why does no “commentator” or propagendist (sic) ever mention this? This seems like very important context when discussing any aspect of an experimental medical intervention’s availability, success or future.



Phase 3 ends February 2023



Phase 3 ended 31 January 2023



Phase 3 ended 29 December 2022

2. If the reason the end of phase 3 trials are not being mentioned as part of censorship, gaslighting or misdirection campaigns, to what end? Is it because the jabbed will realise they have been duped into being in a clinical trial? That the world will realise it really all has been an experiment and there has been no danger money paid to participants (which is how many experimental medical trials used to be tested on volunteers).

3. Or are the iatrogenesis and jabocide revelations, the “end of boosters” and 180 flip flops and protestations of erstwhile jabtards messrs Malhotra, Oliver, Campbell, Adams, Dalgleish etc all part of distracting us - limited hangout style - from asking what the actual results of the trials are? Again, this strikes me as at least equally newsworthy.

The ends of the clinical the trials are being airbrushed and memory holed in real time for a reason, which implicates every dubiously adjacent commentator.

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Such good news!

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