The council office in my small town is only open for a couple of days each week and nearly all the services previously offered-before the lockdown lunacy-have been withdrawn.

I had to send documents by post which before 2020 would have been delivered in person.

No great difficulty for me, but council tenants are no longer able to pay their rent, council tax and other charges in person; all this now has to be done at our local post office. The staff there are excellent, friendly ,patient and obliging, but why has the council withdrawn these services?

All the banks have deserted and we now have a banking hub, also run by our post office staff.

The town is full of empty shops, the streets are dirty and the number of junkies is rising again: a snapshot of post lockdown Britain.

The control creep is insidious ,spreading into different areas and more and more of the less fortunate and fit are bearing the brunt.

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The boy was only 10 when Schofield first met him!

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Referring to the discussion about a cashless society: The piece rightly and clearly raises some real and ominous concerns. But I object strongly to the author associating the rush towards a cashless society as part of a socialist agenda. There are plenty of folks on the left who are worried about this; and there are many on the right who embrace the concept. Just look at the make-up of the WEF, for goodness’ sake

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