I've been making similar protests for months,as the biased lionisation of President Zelensky continues and any attempts to promote a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement are tossed aside by our braindead leaders and denounced as Putin propaganda.

A pattern has developed since Diana's death: certain personalities achieve secular canonisation in our increasingly unbalanced world: Diana,Jo Cox,George Floyd and now Zelensky.

My belief is that the brinkmanship and vicarious warmongering by HMG and the US provide a useful cover for the commitment of Net Zero,as Putin,the antichrist,can be blamed for everything.

Questions still remain abouth the destruction of the Nordstream pipelines,Truss's text message-'it's done' and the assurances of Biden Nuland and co that Nordstream would not be allowed to operate.

Our leaders' actions are irresponsible,cavalier,questionable and they won't end well

This country is in a mess,following the disastrous lockdowns,the debatable Net Zero plans,industrial unrest,declining public services and widespread food and fuel poverty,not to mention the failure to control our borders.

It's about time that our leaders developed the integrity and maturity so lacking now and took up the cause for a ceasefire and a settlement.

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The West wants/desires the conflict because it is financially invested in the money laundering capital of the world; Ukrauiine. They're itching for a war which will beat them senseless. They (Globalists; Soros, Schwab, Harrari etc, etc.)lick their chops for the demolition of the U.S. so that it can be re-furbished as a third world country and Biden is just the stooge they use to orchestrate their agenda. Zelensky is the puppet they installed after Obama helped oust his predecessor who was too heavy for their liking (the elite's that is to say) on Russian loyalty.

There is way too much conjecture about all of this. Plainly stated it IS evil incarnate.

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The West wants/desires the conflict. The West is invested in the money laundering capital of the

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Nobody seems to really SAY any of this germane stuff anywhere but on SS, and a few other reasonable places...

Perhaps we need some shortened, face-slapping memes?

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You are obviously a Russian shill. Either that or completely oblivious to who the Russians are and what they are doing to innocent women and children. Do you think the Russians will be satisfied with just taking Ukraine? It is only their first step. The more you try to pacify them the more you embolden them. It is costly to fight them it’s true. It will be much more costly if we don’t.

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