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Every other day I speak to someone with similar reactions to a vaccine or who knows someone - I do talk to people & ask who has had Covid or vaccination…this next year will be floods of the later testimonies reaching the airwaves. As a nurse I have spoken to far many more affected adversely from vaccination. I am thankful I had Covid early October 2020 & 3rd blood test still reveals antibodies. The Siren study of 30k NHS staff must be released.

Covid for me as a heard from most healthy adults (20-90yrs) via my 7month Test & Trace job (band 6 clinician) was at most a 3day flu turned cough. I spoke to 3 people who picked up their phones in ICU. I spoke to two families who had a parent die with Covid that had diabetes.

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I wonder if/when you'll have time to cover the thousands of others too. The only reason they are not reported is because of this biased reporting from the MSM.

I recently learnt from a holistic therapist that some of her patients have literally got up and walked out when she diagnoses them with vaccine injury such is the psychological damage done to people with this constant propaganda that this experimental treatment is safe.

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