Remember that Boris's replacement will NOT be any different. He could even be worse.

There had been changes of govts recently, yet there was no change in their policies.

We need to pause and think; and not react reflexively.

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You have sat too long for any

good you have been doing.

Depart, I say, and let us have

done with you. "

Oliver Cromwell in the 17th century, and so say all of us.

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Great wrting.... full of common sense and hope ..... thank you!

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New Zealand's very own Tooth Fairy-Jacinda-has encouraged this mindless behaviour. Poor little kid, masked with holes cut out.

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The massive underbelly orchestrating the dismantling of Global society as we know it has been carefully practised through modelling exercises in anticipation of the resistance. The lawsuits, the revolt of intelligent citizens, the crumbling politicians and figure heads that give the illusion of a win to the weary were all factored into a necessary layer of the Great Reset Plan. Erosion of the corporate stronghold is the only way out of this. Permitting the Gates Foundation to buy and control 80% of U.S. farmland is a good example of the gullibility of a nation. How did that happen?

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“The British prime minister has lost a number of by-elections since announcing vaccine passports in December last year.“

The author is deluding himself if he thinks the vaccine passports policy was the reason for the losses.

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