MAD- mutually assured destruction ,brought to us by the deranged, mendacious goons who inflicted the lockdown lunacy+Net Zero+ Open Borders+ intrusive policing of hitherto fundamental norms and freedoms+economic meltdown+immiseration+enforced jabbing+end game Russia bashing and not forgetting gain of function dabbling,brought to us by the Great Faucifier.

Welcome back Dr Strangelove, your minions are in charge...

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The UN is worthless.

Maybe they once had some moral authority, but now they are just out of touch elites that cause more harm than good.

I wrote on another substack recently, that when I was in Iraq on Op Haven, a local man came up to me and said "your UN seems to be made up of people who can't find work doing something useful.

Even more true today I suspect.

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