Hi Mark

did you see this pathetic article in the Bristol Post ? Regarding Mark Sexton's visit to the Bristol vaccine centre. ( he did a very good job).

The video of the whole episdoe is here:


and the article :


This is great news about Aaron Siri. I just read more on Steve Kirsch's substack too. I hope this is beginning of the end for all these evil monsters - I have spent the last 2 years (I live in Italy - formerly Draghistan) waking up with a feeling of dread every day. I'm hoping that something is going to change soon. We need more people awake and I have shared your film with Oracle , far and wide. 🙏🙏

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What amazes me is that all these people who are complicit have children and grandchildren too. Surely they are worth more to them than just towing the line because their bosses tell them to? Are they really willing to sacrifice their childrens' futures for some money and a job?

Where is their integrity? Why don't people stand up for the truth and what is right? It beggars belief.

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My thanks to UK Uncut, one of my top substack contributors.


Why is our own establishment so utterly supine.?

The Daily Sceptic reports that the horrible,useless masks are reappearing in several NHS hospitals: The Princess of Wales visited the Royal Surrey County Hospital recently fully masked and we are still encouraged to join the next jabbathon.

I've watched your film, which confirms everything which I've tried to convey to loyal covidian friends, albeit without success.

As to the dreadful woman celebrating 'ownership of the science': arrogance and stupidity in spades. Truly impartial scientific enquiry cannot and should not, be subject to ownership; look where it has led us.

Now they're planning to do another demolition job in the name of climate change, with equally predictably dire consequences.h

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Journalists working in MSM aren’t going to find their voices. They are simply part of the system and place their continuing employment above any seeking of truth.

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