I know of several cases-most recently a friend-all triple jabbed, who have dutifully isolated, following days of testing,even though they've exhibited little more than sore throats, runny noses and a few aches and pains.

Another well educated, affluent friend recently opined that 'antivaxxers' are irresponsible, selfish ignoramuses:I maintained a diplomatic silence.

A member of staff in our local supermarket recently assured me that she wears her ditsy cloth mask all day while at work and then on the bus on the way home.

My SNP MP, a senior doctor, is fully supportive of the recent decision to vaccinate children aged 5-11 years and is a dedicated mask advocate.

As to Ukraine, I'm in the usual heretical hot water for questioning the MSM hyperbole, the opportunistic western meddling-Boris -, the Hunter Biden laptop revelations, NATO's broken promises , the swingeing imposition of sanctions, which are exacerbating the disastrous economic and social consequences of lockdown lunacy and western leaders' mendacious enthusiasm for prolonging the conflict from a safe distance, rather aiming for an immediate ceasefire and a negotiated settlement.

As to Net Zero: a hasty gallop into a very unstable future, with little serious consideration given, apparently, to the decidedly questionable decisions being foisted on us: arrays of solar panels planned for hitherto productive farm land and open countryside, more wind farms both on and off shore: the numbers of birds and bats being killed by the blades of little consequence.

And more nuclear power stations planned: where will the waste go? How will it be stored? What are the safety implications?

All this in an increasingly crowded island with existing infrastructure unable to meet the demands of rapid population growth: de facto open borders another policy seemingly nodded through by our leaders.

More than 2 years spent as a heretical dissenter, but good to know that there are many of us increasingly making contact and providing mutual encouragement and finally, a thank you to substack and its brave, committed writers.

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As of this week I know of 3 triple jabbed people in my village of approx 100 that are suffering a 'bad cold' that they haven't recovered from in over a month. I know of 10 double or triple jabbed people who've had Covid in the last month. I'm a pureblood as is husband and we have suffered not so much as a sniffle since before 2020. Extrapolate those stats across the country and surely questions are being asked among the populace? I know 2 of my triple jabbed neighbours have asked us a couple of times if we've had the rona and I hate myself slightly for being smug when I reply in the negative.

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Officious stupidity rules: reminds me of Dad's Army, without the gentle humour. Perhaps Fads Army would be more appropriate. Making has definitely encouraged the inner gauleiters of far too many enthusiasts.

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