I agree with everything but the end of the fourth paragraph.

If the attacker had been a white male named Smith or Jones, the full force of the entire justice system would be searching for the "evil right wing white supremacists" who carried out the attack.

Remember Obamas numerous excuses to defend radical islamist attacks and the democrats excuses to defend and protect blamtifa ultra violence, while Western security agencies targeted alleged "white supremacist groups" for almost zero violence.

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"Ministers and mainstream journalists may be queueing up to condemn the attack on Rushdie (and, in many cases, subtly scapegoat a billion-plus Muslims over the incident)..."

Not a chance. "Muslim" is a magically protected victim class in the West. No Western government official, or MSM journalist, would ever breathe a negative word about Islam or Muslims. Recall that absurd, invented protective device called "Islamophobia"?

Muslims have their very own multi-layers of protective legislation in Canada, just for them. Meanwhile, Christian pastors are jailed for defending the Canadian Constitution; Jew-hate is wholly socially permitted by both the left and the right; and Mennonites have their churches and halls shut by the government.

And the Muslim population is online as 1.8 billion globally, not one (notable difference, and especially when calculating the numbers of extremists in the midst).

True, here in Canada, totalitarian/fascist/dictator PM Justin Trudeau's government is pushing hard for a horrifying online censorship bill that would effectively silence any government critics. It would happily silence Salman Rushdie.

I join with everyone in wishing Salman Rushdie a complete and speedy recovery.

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