Hunt is the Tory equivalent of Mandelson; another Machiavellian puppeteer.

Will the next PM remove him, or shall we endure another couple of years of being managed by overpaid opportunists intent on going ahead with Net Zero, open borders, nudging and control creepery?

Public apathy and the lingering consequences of Project Fear, plus a biased MSM, do not offer much hope of real change, unless Reform can increase its presence.

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I suspect even if Hunt isn't installed as PM he will be pulling the strings in the cabinet. He is a Chatham House elect: https://www.chathamhouse.org/events/all/members-event/future-liberal-democracies

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Thanks for these insightful points.

It is as if (and so actually) deranged malevolence is increasingly exposing itself, determinedly self-destructively and irretrievably.

From all that I'm witnessing, and seeing happening in many different ways, the next UK general election is certain to be a euphoric event for almost everyone.

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