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The author is quite right. I’ve been shocked by the almost childlike congratulatory tone of reactions to lifting the mandate on the NHS100K. It’s a delay. Policy hasn’t changed at all. It was malign & unscientific and remains so.

Likewise the lifting of need for VaxPass in various locations. If they’d really gone away, they’d destroy the database.

Even if vaccination was useful, we know they don’t prevent transmission. This fact kills stone dead ANY argument for requiring vaccination.

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It isn’t a “deep fake” video of Albert Bourla! 🙄 It is a simple edit where the words “that cannot afford our medicine” were removed from the original speech.

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We need to focus on the next steps of the One World Government plan, especially, about the 2024 WHO International Pandemic Treaty ( http://bit.ly/stoptreaty ), the Big Crunch, the Global Hack... all there to push the Central Bank Digital Currencies after banning cash, tied to a digital health pass, digital ID, digital driver's license, digital carbon permits, and digitized planetary rights embedded in the "blockchain" spending rules.

Even if you’d be a millionaire you wouldn’t be able to spend your money because of the personal carbon quota. BTW, your e-persona could be killed with a click.

There's also the nano-routers injected with the COVID shots which beam Bluetooth Low Energy codes similar to MAC addresses, tracked to a human digital ID multinational. If you go to a cemetery early in the morning, when there's no one around, you'll pick up the signals from the vaxxed dead. 5/6G is essential to this Internet of Bodies control network.

There's MUCH more:

(9 min at 2x):


( based on 2000 papers: https://bit.ly/research2000 )

Please, read this, too:


Everything failed but there are 2 simple solutions:

1. Unforgeable real money based on real goods like gold, flour, fuel-oil, human hour, distance transported, etc.

2. Direct Townhall Democracy (DTC), with direct spending of the government budget proportionate to each person.

Prof. Federico Nazar

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Quite correct, it just gives them another chance to isolate people and work from behind the curtain and that’s exactly what they will do. Realistically though, the pro-science (since there never was a scientific case for mandating vaccines that didn’t prevent transmission) anti-mandate crowd does have some time to contest the science (by hammering home the actual reality of the failed vaccination and NPIs campaigns; in terms of stopping COVID anyway) and get their affairs in order as best they can.

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