Dystopian! The pressure to take a jab that doesn’t stop you becoming ill or passing on the disease from a government who is pushing medical assistance in death? It’s becoming more and more transparent.

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COVID injections have proven dreadfully dangerous in the short term (see VAERS) while medium and long term dangers remain unknown and any efficacy wanes rapidly. Furthermore the virus poses no meaningful danger for the vast majority (see IFR data). No knowledgeable person is going to submit to being injected because doing so is clearly foolhardy.

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something sinister going on here, no question.

how exactly do they justify this???

i have to say, this is definitely not the same canada my family & i fled to 22 years ago for refuge, safety & freedom. having lived thru 3 dictatorships in my country of origin, this is very frightening.

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Mass non compliance. It will hurt patients but all BC healthcare workers need to quit their roles. The Govt will have to back down then. Sometimes inflicting pain is the only way to fight back successfully.

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Health care workers MUST be seeing the vax injuries and deaths - or at least have knowledge of what is happening from their contacts with front line workers.

If enough of them were to turn this around -- and say 'f789 you we won't do what you tell us' and walk off the job or organize rolling sick days ... Bill 36 would be pulled.

If they don't want to do this then f789 them. They deserve whatever comes their way

It's time for people to do more than just sit behind their computers and moan away on Substack.

They have a much more powerful weapon than the truckers --- USE IT.

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The Brave New World of the technocrats. Totalitarianism hiding behind Health and Safety diktats.

This is now a dangerous cult, which adopts the ostrich mentality in the face of mounting evidence and dissent.

Trudeau and co are the 21st century flat earthers; the new inquisitors.

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