Thank you Mark,I suppose 🤔We must be grateful for the crumbs of truth scattered in the direction of the Vax injured !

I keep wondering when the dam will truly break, if ever....We in the UK are daily seeing our rights and freedoms to fight our extermination being removed under the banner of protecting us.

You do such a great job, I and my friends greatly appreciate you standing up for all of us ❤️

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'After all, nobody pointed a finger of suspicion when the Pfizer jabs (and AstraZeneca earlier) were suddenly withdrawn.'

No one pointed a finger when spates of deaths occurred in UK care homes at new year 2020/21 straight after the jabbers had visited to fulfil their 2-million-jabs-to-freedom mission (remember that?). The Pfizer1 jab was pulled, and someone (will the 'lockdown files' reveal the name? I doubt it, though we can probably guess it) gave the order for jab status to be omitted from death certificates.

Let's not mince words about what happened to the 25,000 extra frail-elderly and chronically ill people (including my mother in her Bedford care home) who died in the next 10 weeks in England and Wales. They were murdered by the jabbing. The FOIA requests that Dr Clare Craig and I jointly submitted to the NHS, ONS and our MPs yielded the consolidated reply that the vaccination status of the deceased was unknown.

Can you believe that? Ours is supposedly a free country, a democratic country, a civilised country. Yet a novel emergency-authorised experimental medical treatment was rolled out to millions of people with an attendant instruction that all information about adverse effects, including deaths, was to be suppressed at source.

And there has been no comment about this from our media.

Ours is not a free country, not a democratic one, not even a civilised one. We are totally corrupted.

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Thank you once again to Mark and all at News Uncut: the Guardian was one of the most enthusiastic cheerleaders for the draconian disaster which befell us.

What a slippery bunch of opportunists , all too eager to condemn, deride and cancel anyone who spoke out, but now ,seeing that 'the times they are a changin', have started to question 'the science' and accuse one another.

We are indeed totally corrupted and a significant proportion of the public is unlikely to notice, too distracted by the cost of living, insecure employment and lack of interest.

Unfortunately, in my area, the masks are proliferating once more: the local GP surgery has a large notice at the entrance, advising that masks must be worn on the premises.

Yesterday I spotted several masked faces .

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Do you have a link to the Express leader column Mark? Thanks!

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