This is utterly unconscionable, and the idea so many GPs have completely forgotten (or perhaps never understood) basic medical ethics is terrifying. I wholeheartedly applaud your stand in the hospital, despite being so unwell (which makes the actions of the staff all the more despicable). Having to attend hospital is one thing I'm also concerned about (being a dreaded unvaccinated person), but if that happens I'll be taking the exact same approach.

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Congratulations for defying the covid jobsworths and their utterly irrational,officious, mindless adherence to this pernicious nonsense.

Doctors have recently enjoyed a substantial pay rise:




My aim is to steer well clear of medics for the foreseeable future. My practice has a notice at the entrance sternly warning would be entrants that masks must be worn on the premises; however, I went in last week to cancel an appointment bare faced, as per usual.

Receptionist behind the ubiquitous perspex barrier did not question me, although I did get a dirty look from the masked bloke in front of me.Boxes of masks displayed on the counter, along with the hand gloop bottle.

This is now a psychological infection ; it bears no relation to necessity, reality , nor does it comply with the current zero waste agenda.

Why are so many ostensibly highly trained, well educated professionals not challenging this destructive and costly propaganda?

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I think these GPs and medical professionals need a swift kick in the head to remind them of their Hippocratic oath.

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If you read this: https://denisrancourt.ca/entries.php?id=116&name=2022_08_02_covid_period_mass_vaccination_campaign_and_public_health_disaster_in_the_usa or the articles here: https://denisrancourt.ca/categories.php?id=1&name=covid you will see that is proved that there are no pandemic. Probably in UK is worse concerning excess mortality.

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