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I've been staging my one woman resistance since 2020, only finding

like minded souls online.

What a lonely dispiriting business and now the collateral damage is set to ruin more lives, as Boris and co wield their verbal sabres, preparing us, by means of truly alarming increases in the cost of living, for a one way journey to Net Zero world, all the while blaming the conflict in Ukraine: a very timely excuse.

Here in Scotland, the SNP cling to the restrictions, determined to outdo Westminster, regardless of the consequences.

Truly I fear for our future now, but still the mask addicts abound, plodding around in the open air with blank looks and a disapproving demeanour.

The securely financed purveyors of this disastrous dismantling of social norms, freedom of thought, rational debate, informed dissent , prosperity, stability and future prospects will doubtless brush themselves down, convince themselves that they followed 'the science' and settle down to count their share options

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Tales of suffering and despair from decent folk whose lives have been cast into the lockdown lost and found.

This makes me so angry, even more so as the affluent architects of this frankly scandalous distortion of public health policy will emerge largely unscathed, some even collecting a few official gongs along the way -for their stirling efforts.

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I was going to buy Mark Woolhouse’s book but if his conclusion is that economy, health. and society-wrecking policies were a merely innocent “mistake”, then I won’t bother.

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In the '80s a certain PM was a monetarist and we had the Money Supply Argument which involved all sorts of stuff like M3, M4 which confusingly weren't motorways but credit supply, the money printing presses and the velocity of money (or was that Keynes?) Anyway, Auntie took it seriously and would tell us about it in great detail whilst also telling us which shipyard or engineering company had just closed its doors that day forever.

It was all v uncomfortable with interest rates of 15% but brought down inflation in the end. Maybe we'd have been better off keeping the industry and being a banana republic but people always get vilified if they try the hard line. And usually get stabbed in the back by their own kind. And don't get re-elected; I can't see Bojo doing anything that smacks of that discipline.

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