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The government is full of shit. Just as is always when it comes to damage or death by way of NHS or infected blood products nor drugs.

1. You cannot sue an individual doctor for malpractice. You sue the NHS institution itself.

2. To get a payment for having received knowingly contaminated blood products (1978-1991), you must PROVE when and what you received, that you suffered from chronic HepC when Maj doctors weren’t looking for HepC (it’s a great mimicker of RA, CFS, Fibromyalgia); can’t say from Anti-D (NI court proved was from Anti-D too) AND YOU MUST NOT HAVE EVER ENGAGED IN ANYTHING RISKY.

3. You cannot sue in a class action group case a drug manufacturer only as an individual. Hence US HepC victims won a class action against Pegasys (PEG Alpha interferon) for acute and chronic side effects but in UK no cases have been brought. It’s very expensive to prove damage in UK courts. We’re talking £150-200,000 legal fees.

PS I’m a victim of contaminated blood. I know the day, location of when and where I received transfusion (July 1986) But the proof of chronic HepC evidence is difficult.

The ex health minister Clarke (Bilderger, EU collaborator) was interviewed at Contaminated blood Enquiry when asked about the 1,000’s injured or dead he said ‘what does it matter’.

That’s how the elite think about the Covid jab victims. What does it matter? To them, not one iota

PS I HAVE JUST HAD AN ATTACK OF ONE OF THE CHRONIC SIDE EFFECTS OF PEGASYS - Severe cramping. PEG is a destroyer of neurological health. It’s a bitch - severe, painful, crippling spasms. Btw even though neuropathy began during Pegasys treatment, consultant refuse to admit it caused condition.

NHS staff remit- never admit anything the NHS has done was ever bad. Our national religion — the NHS

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History has shown that no matter how big the lie or how many times it is repeated the truth will ultimately always prevail. Hence it does seem illogical that , in the face of data and expert opinion to the contrary of the standard messaging, that this is being ignored/rejected by authorities and main stream media.

Since the commencement of Covid and the vaccines there have been experienced and professional voices from the medical world raising concerns about the information we have all been given. As evidence grows to support their views, including, sadly, individual injuries and deaths, those in public positions willing to meet disapproval or rejection by their peers are providing a valuable service in opening the door to truth.

I found it interesting that the Israeli academic quoted by Andrew Bridgen is a criminologist, not a medical specialist. Is that why reaction to Mr Bridgen has been so aggressive?

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I've signed and read HMG's predictably slippery response with my usual frustration .

We know that they know that we know that Dr Malhotra and MP Andrew Bridgen will not abandon their timely campaigns and that the evidence can no longer be brushed aside by official double speak.

GB News is also on the case, so the time has come for our so called experts to stop with the obfuscation, the opportunistic denunciations and the prevarication.

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In other words, Nothing to do with us gov. sort it out yourself.

Which in practice means you have to fund your own court action against the manufacturers. Now ask yourself who can afford the 'best' lawyers? The ones that know all the small print, like every insurance firm that always find a get out clause so they don't have to pay out when your house burns down. The No/Win No Fee boys will steer well wide of this one. You ARE on your own.

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