"Those injured by the jab need support as innocent (yes) victims of a psychologically sophisticated and highly persuasive Government campaign."

Perfectly summarised. I am appalled at the venom in which some of these messages to covid-19 vaccine-injured people are drenched. As an unvaccinated (former) healthcare worker in Australia whose husband also lost his job due to mandates, I can totally understand the anger that is felt. These policies have utterly ruined people's lives (some of whom have taken their lives as a result), and for that our governments, health bureaucrats and media must be held accountable. But to treat the vaccine-injured with such a lack of compassion and empathy is disgraceful; they are not our enemy and they absolutely deserve our support.

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Totally agree with you Laine, those abusing the vaccine injured are no better then those abusing the unjabbed.

Have they lost all their humanity and common decency.

God bless you and your family

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Thank you, Rod. Keeping our humanity foremost in our minds is the only way forward, in my view. Don't get me wrong, there are certainly people and institutions which must be held accountable and for whom/which some kind of punishment is warranted, but for so many who genuinely believed they were getting vaccinated for the good of themselves and society (even though this was always a tenuous proposition for the majority - the propaganda campaign was certainly strong), I can't see how treating them with disdain and cold-heartedness helps anyone (including those of us who declined vaccination). I'm not a religious person, but I thank you sincerely for your blessings and wish the same for you and your family.

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Oh really? These are the same people who were disappointed that Joe Rogan did not suffer and die when he got covid and used 'horse dewormer' to cure himself.

No excuses. Suggesting they are the victims of propaganda ... ya they are - cuz they are stupid ... but there is no excuse for how they have vilified the unvaxxed.


The great thing is - the more they get sick - they more they Boost.

So the fun and games is far from over. This is the tip of the berg we are looking at.

They've wrecked their immune systems - poisoned themselves .... the best is yet to come.

Sit back with some popcorn - and enjoy the show. I know I am.

It's not often in life that the idiots get punished like this.

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You are doing exactly what others do to people who declined vaccination: claiming these people are all stupid/bad/hold negative, homogeneous views. You are speaking about a diverse group of people, many of whom did not support the mandates or the vilification of the unvaccinated, and many who were coerced into getting vaccinated to preserve their livelihoods and the well-being of their dependents.

I too am angry, and I agree that the vilification of the unvaccinated was and continues to be unacceptable; but I cannot take the view you suggest here.

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When they announced Operation Warp Speed - my antennae went up ...

Everyone knows you cannot create a safe vaccine or drug in less than a year...

Everyone knows you cannot test for long term side effects if something has only exists for less than a year.

Therefore everyone who injected this rat juice is a MORE-ON. Plain and simple.

I do not care if they took it to keep a job -- if I said to my staff here's some arsenic - eat it or you are fired... if they ate it what would that make them?

It's no different - just because Fawchee and Biden and CNNBBC said take - it's safe and effective does not mean you stop thinking (if you are able to think ...) You use your brain -- you question ... you reason...

You don't just follow the herd cuz the Kardashians said it's cool....

F789 em. If it's a cull then fantastic - you need to use some sort of test to filter out the feeble minded and eliminate them.

8B it way too many.

BTW - I chose not to breed and this is my favourite clip


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I think that we would agree overwhelmingly on the specific points related to the vaccines' development and roll-out, and likely many other things related to the broader pandemic picture. I too had grave concerns regarding the speed at which the vaccines were developed and subsequently 'approved', not to mention the ways in which government, bureaucracy and media pushed it while also vilifying safe and affordable medicine. Ultimately, my husband and I chose to decline despite the significant personal cost; but we also know several people who either accepted willingly or who acquiesced at the last moment due to mandates. Some of these people are now living with debilitating vaccine injuries. Do I think they are stupid and deserve it? Absolutely not. We were fortunate to have to option of saying "no", but I acknowledge many others did not have the circumstances to stick with their preferred choice. You are entitled to your opinion, but I do not agree with you regarding this specific point. Seeing as though you also seem committed to your position, perhaps we'd be best to 'agree to disagree'?

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We also have an MP who says he’s on the side of the injured and bereaved who spoke in the first Chope APPG meeting and berated them for not being thankful enough! “You’ve got a meeting in the HoC, you wouldn’t have got that a year ago.” Can’t have the “little people” standing up for themselves can we. That would never do.

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And what about all those people who lost their job because they refused to take the covid death shot?

And what about all those people who were disowned by their families because they refused to take the covid death shot?

And what about all those people who were refused medical care because of their refusal to take the covid death shot?

And what about all those people who were refused a organ transplant because they refused to take the covid death shot?

And how many of the jabbed called us "granny killers," and said we did not deserve any medical care because we had reasons, like religious reasons, for refusing the covid death shot?

How many of those people that you wrote about in the article may have participated in the discrimination of people who refused to take the covid death shot?

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Yep - and these MORE-ONS moaning about their injuries -- I betcha the vast majority of them were fine with lives being destroyed for refusing to inject this diseased rat juice... that was invented in less than a year -- and has never been tested for long term side effects (of course the short term ones were covered up).

F789 every last one of them. If I could play a violin I'd play a song for them....

They now pay the ultimate price for being assholes.

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Unfortunately there are going to be 2 types of vaccine injured. Those that took the jab & didn't blame anyone else for not taking it & those that took the jab & vilified those that didn't. The unvaxed just remember being vilified by the jabbed.

It was terrible. Still is to a certain extent.

Having said that, I would always help the vaccine injured. I have 3 in my family & am just hoping they continue to get better. They did not vilify though.

It's not easy to forgive abuse, unfortunately some who did not abuse the unvaxxed are going to be tarred with the same brush as those that did.

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The useful narrative that I'm constantly pushing is that the vaxxers are being hunted.

1) This makes it easier for more people to dare to speak out.

2) This make more of the enemies of humanity think about backing down at injecting children etc.

3) If the enemy gets scared, it makes more mistakes.

4) I'm a sadist piece of shit and enjoy seeing bad people scared. I tell myself that it makes me a better human than those who mask and inject and even castrate children, but you should be a better human than me?

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Hahaha this is hilarious!

The unvaxxed have long memories -- we remember being mocked - we remember being told we were vile and not helping protect granny by refusing the vax...

We remember being told we hope you die or end up on a vent in the hospital.

I had someone say to me - unaware of my status - they can choose not to vax but if they get sick they should not be allowed into the hospital - let them suffer and pay the price for their stupidity.

Now the tables have turned... it's the Vaxxers who are piling into the hospitals with their VAIDS and their injuries.

Well guess what? F789 the vaxxed. This is Schadenfreude on Steroids -- zero pity -- zero empathy.

Empathy for stupidity? F789 that.

Burn mother f789ers. Burn.

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